Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

As Medicare subscribers start to plan ahead, many of them will be looking for the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019. It’s not so far away that people should refrain from planning for it, and those who are prepared are going to save a lot of money.

But it is important to note that there isn’t a supplement plan that can be singled out as the best. To say that any of the plans is better than any other is simply wrong, because they all serve different purposes. No plan is meant to be superior to others, even if some have more coverage than others. That’s because as the coverage increases, so too does the cost of the plan. So those hoping to save money by buying a full-coverage plan may actually lose that savings after they pay the premiums on their full-coverage plan.

Is Plan F the Best?

Some insurance companies and Medicare subscribers will tout Plan F as the best plan out there, but all it really is is the plan with most coverage. It may not be the best plan for you. If you chose Plan F, but you don’t have any serious medical conditions and you don’t visit the hospital frequently, then you will certainly be losing money on it. You may not need any supplemental plan at all.

Each plan is designed with a different purpose and is made to cover different sets of medical expenses. The best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 are simply those that align most closely with your true coverage needs. The only way you are going to find out which plan is best for you is to look at what all of them offer and compare them to what you need.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

That said, you may not need coverage for all medical expenses you are likely to accrue. Some expenses may be cheaper to pay for on your own, particularly if they are expenses you only experience once or twice a year. Plan F, for example, covers the Medicare Part B deductible and is the only plan to do so. But Plan F is often prohibitively expensive, which means that if you would not be charged that deductible often, then you could benefit from a plan that doesn’t have that coverage. You can save money by getting less coverage in some instances, and that is just one example of that.

Plan G – A Great Choice

While Plan F offers great coverage, it’s Medicare Supplement Plan G that is really rising in popularity. This is due to lower premiums that Plan G has, along with coverage that is nearly identical to Plan F. On Plan G you pay the Part B deductible yourself each year. You only need to meet this amount once (usually in the $160 range, the amount isn’t released yet for 2019) and after you pay this Plan G pays 100 percent exactly like Plan F. Using our free quote engine at the top of this page is the best way to check rates from Multiple companies for both plans to see how much you can save.

Compare Plans and Shop Around

Comparing plans and rates gives you a better idea of what your options are and how they stack up. You won’t know if you have chosen a good plan or if you got a good rate on your plan until you compare it to other choices. Once you do, then you can judge the plan you have been considering.

Be sure to look at all the available plans. Each one comes with something a little bit different in regards to coverage. But know that not every insurance provider offers each plan. So start with the plan, then start looking at providers, and don’t forget to compare the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 before you commit to one.

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